Killerdeals Adjustable Laptop Tablet iPad Macbook Foldable Stand – Grey

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Portable Laptop Stand: This is a lightweight and foldable laptop stand that weighs only 65g . It folds up to the thickness of one coin 3mm’ and does not add weight to laptops and tablets.
Ergonomic Design: Adjustable laptop stand holder is ergonomically designed to adjust two different angles, making the notebook more comfortable to use, improve body posture, effectively relieving the discomfort of the cervical spine and shoulders.
Recyclable: This notebook stand is conveniently attachment with removable glue. Advanced adhesive can be pasted repeatedly on different notebooks or tablets, without leaving a single mark or scratch.
Stable and Universal: With high quality PU and fiberglass materials, the stability of the stent can be maintained, it can support 8kgs of weight and fit up to most of the laptop even 15.6″.