KD Rose Quartz Derma facial massage toning roller – White


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Ancient Chinese Secret To Youth.

Throughout history, tools of a similar style were used in traditional Chinese medicine. By pushing and gliding over the skin gently, but intentionally, you promote relaxation, blood circulation, and give relief to swollen lymph nodes and blocked sinuses.

The smooth Gua Sha stone’s surface applies a healing pressure across the surface of your skin, muscles, and nerves. Boosting many anti-ageing, skin-care benefits. Continued use improves relaxation and revitalises your complexion while giving your skin a healthy glow.

Specially Made For Muscles.

The double-sided roller stones are smaller and larger depending on your immediate needs. The mini roller is amazing for your eyes, nose, and lips. The bigger roller is perfect for your neck, cheeks, and forehead.

These can help to stimulate blood flow, increase collagen, reduce wrinkles, tension, and dark rings underneath your eyes.

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Colour: White
Material: Refined stone
Weight: 250g

What have you got?

1x Derma massage toning roller


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Weight 62 g
Dimensions 23.5 × 7 × 1.9 cm





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