KD Bathroom Shower Waterproof Anti-Fog Rotatable Storage Phone Case – Blue


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Shower-Time Showtime:

Is that movie, series, or the game too good to miss, pause, or skip while you shower?

Sometimes, it’s educational course material you’re trying to cram into your brain, and there’s no time for breaks…

This shower storage phone case is the life-changing solution to stay glued to the entertainment and learning when you’re busy freshening up! It keeps your smartphone dry, so you never have to miss a thing.

Phenomenal Features:

• Sticks to the wall firmly, without sliding and falling, and leaving no damage on your pristine walls when it’s removed with the non-marking sticker
• Has a tight, built-in silicone seal, 100% waterproof technology, and an anti-fogging design for full clarity and brightness
• 60-degree fixed opening and closing
• Perfectly interactive touchscreen that’s quick and easy to use, as if there’s no barrier between your phone and the storage case
• Complete control of volume, essential buttons, and functions with your phone inside the storage case
• 360-degree rotatable for the best possible angle and view – no more boring showers having to sing to yourself for entertainment
• Usable in more than one area – your kitchen, bedroom, bath, shower, or anywhere else in the house or outside, even your swimming pool!

Specification Information:

• Design colour: Blue
• Material:
• Size: 18 x 11 x 2 cm
• Compatibility: iPhone, Samsung, and other series of smartphones – not tablets.

What do you get?

1x Shower waterproof phone storage case


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Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 2 cm


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