KD Power Balance bracelet for athletic performance & stability – White (M)


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Athletic Boost.

Having trouble staying on your feet?

You’re only human (presumably). And unfortunately – from time to time – age and or injury slow down your movement. It becomes difficult to find your balance and move with confidence.

This Power Balance bracelet can get you going with better stability and speed. Useful for athletes and the elderly, it helps you recover your energy and ability.

Durable Design.

Surgical-grade silicone makes the bracelet lightweight and stretchy while feeling comfortable on your wrist. The versatile material can go with you anywhere, for anything you’re doing.

It has a perfect fit and doesn’t lose shape over time. Great for wearing every day, through varying sports and hobbies.

Original Style.

In many Eastern cultures, your positive flow of energy is instrumental in daily life. Well-known practices surround these philosophies. Acupuncture and meditation are 2 of the most popular that are believed to affect this movement of energy in the right way.

The 2 holograms attached are based on similar ideas. Created using cutting edge 3-dimensional imaging – making them look unique.

This is an original Power Balance bracelet.

Please Note:

These bracelets are used by athletes and people around the world. Having received many awesome reviews and recommendations. However, there is no guarantee that it works for everyone. We make no such promises or claims.

You’re free to return it for a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

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Colour: White

Material: Silicone

Size: Medium

What have you got?

1x Power Balance bracelet


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