KD Apple Macbook trackpad protective film – Pro 11″


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Device-Saving Defence.

Is everyday wear and tear starting to show on your new (and expensive) Macbook?

Especially the sensitive trackpad…

No matter how clean your hands are, this is the first part to show real evidence for concern, mainly because of how common it is for modern-day professionals.

This neat, smart trackpad film is an affordable way to prevent serious long-term costs. Covering your trackpad with a practical guard against irreversible damage.

Invisible Material.

The ultra-thin protective layer is barely noticeable when it’s correctly installed.

Made with a smooth, high-definition protective film, it’s designed for maximum transparency and for the full responsivity of your trackpad. It doesn’t hinder the usability of your Macbook or alter the classic style.

Simple Application.

Follow these instructions step-by-step for an untroublesome installation process:

1) Wash your hands and wipe them dry. Remove dust from the trackpad with a clean cloth.
2) Pinpoint an ideal location before removing any layers.
3) Remove label “1” side, carefully not to touch it on anything. Move it above the touchpad’s edges and paste it down slowly.
4) Press out any bubbles if there are any.
5) Remove label “2” slowly and wipe it lightly with a cloth once that’s completed.
6) You’re ready to go!

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Colour: Clear
Size: 11” inches (28cm)
Compatibility: Apple Macbook – Air 11″

What have you got?

1x Macbook trackpad protective film


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Dimensions 18 × 11 × 1 cm





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