KD 40mm Apple Watch Rhinestone PC Shiny Protective Frame – Gold


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Bringing Back Bravery Bling.

Normal wasn’t what you were born for… why start now?

The shiny electroplated bumper was made to stand out. The four edges combine to make one extraordinarily bedazzled accessory, that doesn’t compromise your Apple Watch’s protection.

The soft and durable PC material means you’re equipped to handle any bumps, scratches or curveballs life throws in your direction – in glistening glory and style!

User-Friendly, Zero Compromises.

Along with the precious looks and strong design, this PC protective frame doesn’t get in the way of your watch’s buttons when you’re wearing it at all – a big problem with many protective frame accessories on the market today. The same applies when you’re charging or installing the frame, the hollowed-out shape keeps these points easily accessible for immediate use.

Your watch is always ready to go. There is no need to slow down or stop, other than to rest.

Lightweight & Neat-Fitting Design.

Weighing in at 4g, your Apple Watch won’t feel different when your glamourous frame is connected. It’s just as usable, comfortable, and even tougher than before.

Plus, now it’s got the looks to match – the complete package.


Colour: Gold
Material: Soft PC & Rhinestones
Size: 40 mm (The back of your watch should show the correct size)
Compatibility: 40mm Apple Watch
(*There is no Apple Watch included – this is not an original Apple Watch product*)

What have you got?

1x Apple Watch Rhinestone PC Protective Frame


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Additional information

Weight 2 g
Dimensions 10.5 × 8 × 0.8 cm





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