KD swim dive snorkel full face underwater breathing mask + (x2) Adapters

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Clear Sight & Breathing.

Wishing you could breathe underwater?

Imagine you had gills. Floating around happily under the water would be life. Unfortunately, modern science and technology have a few years to catch up to that possibility. Until then, this full-face snorkel mask is the next best thing.

You can breathe out your nose or mouth with it. Making it easier than ever to live like the fishes. The flat, transparent lenses offer 180-degree panoramic views of your underwater world. They don’t distort vision and cause dizziness or discomfort.

Advanced Safety Technology.

It has anti-fog lenses and includes a dry snorkel system to maintain comfort and clarity. A floating ball and automatic valve prevent water from entering the snorkel at the top of the mask.

There are 3 separate air channels for safer breathing. 1 for taking in air, and 2 on either side as outlets. This prevents the suffocation of CO2 and makes sure every breath has fresh air. An anti-leak silicone sealing keeps water from spilling through.

Versatile Functions.

You can attach your GoPro or action camera to the available support system. Capture all your snorkel adventures and relive them later.

Prefer not to come up for air? If you have a small oxygen tank, you can connect it to this underwater mask to stay submerged for longer.

Installing the Oxygen:

1) Remove the front plug in the direction it indicates.
2) Use the spare pieces provided to connect the second attachments.
3) Disassemble the V-shaped inhaler and put it on the sleeve to cover the hole.
4) Lock the floating ball at the top into the bracket and make sure it’s locked.
5) Use a 5L (5-7 min) or 10L tank (15-20 min).
6) Important: Make sure you’re trained before attempting to breathe with oxygen. Never dive or snorkel alone.

Installing the Underwater Mask:

1) Push the folding buckle so the tube locks correctly.
2) Install the backup chamber.
3) Remove the film from the front of the mask.
4) Wear from top to bottom and adjust the headband to fit your comfortable size.
5) Adjust the tubes for the angle in the water.
6) Important: Serious diving is not recommended, and neither is deep water below 10ft. Kids should use the snorkel mask with adult supervision.

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Colour: Orange, black, transparent
Material: Silicone
Size: 17 x 13 x 9 cm / Unisex – Adult

What have you got?

1x Snorkel mask
2x Adapters

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Additional information

Weight 0.632 kg
Dimensions 34 × 27.5 × 6.8 cm





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