KD 3 silicone rings for men – Black, Grey, Brown (size 12/Y)


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Affordable Alternatives.

Why are these best-selling replacement rings such a popular choice?

Conducive metal can be too risky to wear every day to work, depending on your occupation. Electricians, mechanics, police officers, firefighters, construction workers, and athletes can all agree that soft, rubbery silicone is a smarter choice.

Also, not everyone wants metal, gold, and silver. Costing a whole lot more, for something that’s not practical.

Flexible Material.

This durable silicone is high quality, completely safe, and stable – designed to withstand 20 kgs of pressure!

Because you’re only human, sometimes your fingers swell, or you lose or gain weight. Not such a great thing for a hard, sturdy ring. This softer, lightweight option is flexible and allows for better finger freedom.

Minimalist Style.

You and your partner aren’t interested in expensive rings?

Like-minded couples can share their commitment with these comfortable alternatives.

They have a classic look, with a minimal design for non-extravagance, but one that compliments your style. Giving contemporary individuals like yourself exciting, custom, hand-fashion pieces.

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Colour: Black, Grey, Brown
Size: 8mm width / USA: size 12/ RSA: Y

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3x Silicone rings


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