KD 3 braided silicone rings – Grey, Pink, White (size 8/Q)

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3x Comfortable Commitment.

Sometimes, flawless wedding rings are too risky to wear out, or they stop fitting well.

You’re not single and feeling stuck like that ring on your finger. It becomes too tight, or loose, and unfortunately, the materials aren’t flexible. This happens when we fluctuate in weight, ending up either hurting or easily sliding off.

With 3 risk-free silicone rings, there is no concern about losing 1. You’re guaranteed maximum comfort, without needing to worry about weight or swelling.

Ironically, now you can fill that finger space with freedom.

Consistent Materials.

Made from silicone, they are flexible and smooth, allowing for more wiggle room and long-lasting wearability. The materials don’t degrade in extreme conditions or lose their shape. They are non-toxic, ideal for multi-movement sports, activities, and sensitive skin.

Especially popular alternatives for expecting moms, like-minded couples, and trendy people that lead busy lifestyles – choosing not to worry about irreplaceable jewellery during their day-to-day.

Braided Design.

Just because they aren’t pricey, doesn’t mean they can’t look incredible.

These offer a classic, braided design that has a prominent charm compared to regular replacement rings. They are complementary accessories that get the job done and look amazing doing it.

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Colour: Grey, pink, white
Size: 8 (UK: Q) Inside diameter: 18.19 mm, Inside circumference: 57.15 mm
Useful note: Check the sizing guides in images before you make your purchase.

What have you got?

3x Braided silicone rings


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Weight 2 g
Dimensions 10.5 × 8 × 0.1 cm


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