Kirisun VHF Conventional Portable Radio

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16 Channels (15+Scan)
15 Communication channels and 1 scan channel provide flexible channel assignments among different user groups

Multiple Scanning:
Scan channel is convenient for the team leader to monitor the on-site situations. The scanning mode and scanning priority is programmable.

Low battery alert:
When the battery power is low, the working status indicator flashes red, reminding you to recharge or replace the battery.

When TOT is on and the transmission exceeds the preset time limit, the radio will stop after warning tone. TOT can prevent the radio from any potential damage caused by overlong transmission.

To monitor whether the current channel has signal, press the MONI key. The MONI function is to receive weak signal.

Data cloning:
To quickly set the parameters on a radio, you can clone the radio data from another radio with the supplied data cable, saving the time of parameter setting.