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The Ultimate Marvel Fan’s Accessory.

If you’re Spidey’s biggest supporter (who isn’t, he’s amazing?), then this vinyl cover is the ultimate accessory to show your love for the web-slinging wall-crawler.

The stickiness of the high-resolution vinyl is unmatched, being from the same source as those vinyl used to wrap Lambos. Rest assured, your PS4 controller has the best quality that money can buy.

It’s finished with a matte or gloss laminate, making it anti-glare, anti-UV, waterproof, and tougher against wear and tear – as opposed to those without further lamination processes.

The vinyl cover attaches precisely to the shape of your controller, with no unwanted adhesive goo leftover if you decide to remove the vinyl in the future.

Superpowered Protection Materials.

Don’t you hate oil, dust, dirt, and general greasy carelessness messing with your controller?

This always happens, especially when controllers are being shared between a few people.

With this anti-slip protective skin, that’s a thing of the past. Preventing any dust, grease, grime, food, and oil from causing too much havoc between the buttons, and keeping the controller from scratching, fading, or peeling with time.


Colour: Black & Red (Spider-man)
Material: Matte laminated 3M vinyl
(PS4 controller is not included)

Important installation info:

1) Clean the ps4 controller’s surface thoroughly – try rubbing with a light cloth and alcohol-based sanitiser to remove any unseen grease.
2) Peel one side of the decals from the paper liner, without letting the sticky side touch anything.
3) Find the best placement and put on each piece of vinyl carefully.
4) Starting at the corners, apply pressure with your fingers to flatten the vinyl, working your way across each part.
5) If a piece of vinyl isn’t sticking straight, gently lift it up and replace it, but don’t stretch it. The vinyl shouldn’t contain air bubbles, but if there are minor bubbles, they will go away in time.
6) Apply hot air from a hairdryer or hot air gun to work the chemical agent during the process for best results.

What have you got?

1x PS4 controller vinyl skin


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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 cm


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