Killerdeals Multi-Function Solar-Powered Tactical Flashlight

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Going on an adventure anytime soon? Are you tired of fumbling around when the night falls?

If only you had an outstanding lightweight and multi-function flashlight for when things get darkest…

This Unstoppable Energy-Saving Solar-Powered Tactical Flashlight Is The Greatest Possible On-Hand Tool. Essential For Any Tireless Outdoor Adventures And Nightly Expeditions.

It’s equipped with an array of useful multi-tool functions:

  • 3W LED 80 Lumen light makes it easy to see far into the distance. (Up to 200m)
  • All-in-one attached hammer in case you need to break anything for an emergency situation.
  • Built-in compass to stay on the right track
  • Powerful magnet to attach to close-by metallic surfaces such as your car. Solar rechargeable (30 hours); or with included USB cable (4-5 hours)
  • 7 way different working light functions
  • Incredibly durable and environmentally-friendly
  • Super lightweight
  • Incredibly bright and useful

It’s always a smart idea to have a reliable tool in any given situation. This solar-powered tactical flashlight is the smartest tool.

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