KD Apple iPhone/Watch/AirPod 3-in-1 Wireless Magnetic Charger Dock Stand


Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. Qi-enabled means it can charge without an electronic cable connection.

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Faster 3-in-1 Charging.

Modern technology is awesome…

…but the electricity bill that comes with it – not so much…

Here’s a life-changing 3-in1 wireless magnetic charger for your Apple iPhone, Watch, and Airpods. Waste no more time getting them fully powered up. It’s quicker, cheaper, and much less problematic. 

Unbeatable if you have too many separate chargers to count and organise. If you’re sick and tired of your expensive electricity bills. Or the replacement costs when you lose one worthless cable at a friend’s house, on holiday, or elsewhere.

Phenomenal Features:

• Swift, automatic wireless charging for your smartphone with minimal time, and no cable connections needed!
• Place your phone in a horizontal or vertical position for the ultimate ergonomic view and hands-free experience
• Neat, modern, and professional look
• Can connect your Apple Watch and Airpods at the same time and charge them with the detachable magnetic dock (must connect with cable)
• 1 USB C-type cable connection for a direct power supply, with a clear LED display that shows the charge status
• Overcurrent, overcharge, overheating and temperature control
• Foreign object detection – must be Qi-compatible for the wireless charger to work
• Multi-compatible with several series of smartphones (Qi-enabled only)

Important Information:

• Design colour: Black
• Compatibility: iPhone 11/12 (Pro), X, XR, XS (Max), Samsung Galaxy S20 (+, Ultra), S10 (+), S9 (+) and many more with wireless charging functions
• Size: 143 x 125 x 83 mm
• Wireless power output: 10 watts
• Adapter: Type-C cable
• This is not an original Apple product and does not include the iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods or case.

What do you get?

1x Wireless charging stand
1x Watch charging dock
1x Type-C cable

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Additional information

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Dimensions 9 × 14 × 9 cm





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