About us

it's an experience


The Killer Deals Story

It was many moons ago now, in late February 2006. A beautiful time of great promise. The Black Eyed Peas were still a thing, and a digital boom was about to take the world like never before. A small and humble online e-commerce store emerged onto the market, called Killerdeals, with zero customers, and one mission. We were about to begin a brave journey forward into a technologically explosive revolution. Unknowing of what was about to be in store (yeah, we had to) – we’d set out on our journey into the digital realm. Our mission was this: Give South Africans access to a simple and safe online platform, where they can purchase the world’s most functional, affordable, and high-tech third-party gear on the market today. No matter what it took. No matter how far we had to go to get it. This is our commitment to boosting your efforts. We’re here to provide you with the most useful equipment to conquer any actively curious lifestyle. It’s the shared passion for your most treasured experiences that keeps us going.

Clint Voigt - KillerDeals Founder

15 Years of Victory

Today, proud owner Clint Voigt says, you’re witnessing over 15 years of victory in meeting that commitment, through and through. Our sense of teamwork and company culture gives us constant motivation to continue to grow. We work from business to business and business to consumer, as a turnkey solution for promotion companies or other businesses. Reliable dropshipping and drop-store services are also a big part of our winning mix, stripping away the stress of stocking items, warehousing them, and the fulfilment of them. To add to that are our terrific opportunities, rewards, and a branding division that deals with the specific brand customisations of certain products. Other crucial drivers that move Killerdeals forward are a serious attitude towards quality, stock availability, the speedy and reliable payment and delivery of items, and (of course) the dedicated team of adventurers. In 2019, Killerdeals was certified with International Quality Management System ISO 9001. This has improved business systems and customer satisfaction.

Every year, more and more South Africans are discovering Killerdeals for once-in-a-lifetime bargains, on products they’d struggle significantly to get themselves. Our customers are coming back regularly to take advantage of the staggering discounts. Here providing you with some of the most desirable products you can think of, to take your reality up a notch. We’ve since gained a massive support structure from thousands of happy customers from all across the country. With greater success each year in online trade and retail, our mission remains unshaken. Our motto “It’s An Experience”, sums us up perfectly.