KD knee pain relief patellar stabiliser strap – Black (x2 pieces)


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Back In The Game.

Remember the joyful days when your knee didn’t ache with every step?

You’re longing to regain that freedom of movement and knees aren’t a short-term injury. There’s an affordable way to help deal with your pain.

A patellar tendon strap is a solid bracing to restrict movement in your knee joint, minimizing pain and pressure.

By tightening things together in alignment, you reduce shifting of the patellar tendon. Limiting inflammation that’s caused by daily throbbing against your femur bone.

Supports Common Conditions.

A great choice for those who suffer from patellar tendonitis, or people playing several sports. Studies prove that 70-80% of people who wear patellar tendon braces express better mobility.

Basically, you’re back in action! With swag in your stride, that’s not rooted in strain…

Next-Level Materials.

It’s specially designed with high-quality materials so you can enjoy the support throughout your day-to-day grind and after-hour hobbies.

Absorbent and lightweight neoprene with soft silicone padding guarantees comfort throughout your day. The Velcro strap holds it precisely and securely, getting you back on your feet with confidence.


Colour: Black
Material: Neoprene, Silicone, Velcro
Size: Adults & kids

What have you got?

2x Patellar tendon stabiliser strap


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Weight 82 g
Dimensions 18.6 × 13.5 × 1.5 cm





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