KD Fitbit Ionic replacement tempered glass screen protector


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Unstoppable Security.

Want to keep your tech safe?

When you’re tired of worrying, this screen protector was made for your Fitbit screen. This smart layer is a strong line of defence against scratches, dirt, and other minor forms of daily damage.

It has edge-to-edge coverage for your entire device. Like a shield warding off unwanted trouble, it fits over your screen completely.

Popular Technology.

Tempered glass is a dependable, shatterproof material. It’s as tough as they get with a 9h hardness surface.

The screen display and touch response remain at full potential. Designed with 99.9% transparency, this HD protector is smooth and highly practical.

Bubble-Free Application.

As an exact match for your Fitbit Ionic, you’ll have no trouble installing it correctly. The dimensions are laser-cut to precision.

It has an optimised adhesive for firm bonding. Sticking without leaving air bubbles or glue residue that marks your screen.

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Colour: Clear
Material: Tempered glass
Compatibility: Fitbit Ionic
(Does not include Fitbit watch – this is not an original

What have you got?

1x Fitbit screen protector


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Weight 0.0001 g
Dimensions 5 × 4.5 × 0.1 cm





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