Special Offer SunStream Plus – Red

Weight 373 kg
Dimensions 31 × 12.3 × 1.3 cm
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World Panel technology converts sunlight into electricity instantaneously at a 99% throughput rate, making it the most efficient micro-solar panel on the global market. World Panel achieved this gain from a novel by-pass method that eliminated the need for electronic circuit boards, charge controllers, or chip sets. It is the first technology in the world to combine two extremely difficult international compliance standards into one unit: USB Dedicated Charging Port and UL photovoltaic module. World Panel was granted a USPTO Utility Patent for the core power methodology innovation in July of 2015, and has received 17 design patents throughout the world including the USA, India, Africa, China, EU and Japan.

SunStream PLUS™

SunStream PLUS offers ½ amp power as a mobile electricity solution for smartphones and tablets. Also powers feature phones faster than a wall plug. Excellent for powering other digital devices and battery storage devices such as our PowerStream.

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Weight 373 kg
Dimensions 31 × 12.3 × 1.3 cm


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