KD high speed USB 2.0 4-port USB expansion hub + light switches


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4 x More, 2 x Faster.

Don’t have any more USB ports to spare on your computer, and you’re still counting the devices you need to connect with urgently?

It’s a typical issue for many modern-day professionals because many PCs and laptops only offer around 3 USBs. When that just won’t do, this smart hub is the expansive solution you want.

With 4 more USB slots, you can connect to more in much less time. The USB 2.0 hub supports data speeds of up to 480 Mbps! It doesn’t require any time-eating software installations either.

Plug in, play, prepare, and be productive with this convenient, smart-idea tech.

Custom Control Light Show.

The design is user-friendly and has an illuminating light for each of the 4 ports.

Each hub has a flip switch, making it easier to control than ever before. When the light’s glowing, that hub port is turned on and ready to go.

Safe & Ergonomic Design.

That’s great and everything, but you don’t want to fry yours and other computers in the process, right?

High-quality materials that allow for a thorough over current protection, mean you can run 4 extra USBs at once without hardware risks and heating problems.

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Colour: Black, white
Size: 4 ports
Speed: USB 2.0 – 480 Mbps data transfer rate

What have you got?

1x 4-port USB 2.0 expansion hub


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Weight 48 g
Dimensions 18.4 × 12.5 × 2.4 cm





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