KD Garmin Forerunner 35 Protective Case + Glass Screen Protector Combo

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Important: This is a third-party accessory for your brand of smartwatch and it’s not an original product.

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Complete Defence Combo:

One minute everything is cool…

The next thing you know, horror and panic about your Garmin’s helplessness starts to set in. And it’s never an experience you’ll enjoy!

This silicone protective case and tempered glass screen protector are the best protective accessories for your device.

Phenomenal Features:

• Safeguard your device from accidental damage – sudden scratches, grazes, bumps and falls.
• Keeps it clear from a gradual build-up of dust, dirt, grease, grime, and sweat, that lead to a dreary look for your smartwatch.
• The protective case is made from soft, durable TPU silicone that’s lightweight, slim, and easy to place, keeping the body of your watch safe.
• Functions perfectly with the TPU case installed – all buttons are operational, and so is the charging port.
• The tempered glass screen protector is a high-grade material, with its hardness and dependability, it supplies strength and security to your touchscreen.
• No disruption in the touch accuracy and speed with the glass screen protector installed. thanks to the HD transparency.
• No-bubble adhesive.

Specification Information:

• Colour: Black (Protective case, Transparent (screen protector)
• Material: TPU silicone, tempered glass
• Compatibility: Garmin Forerunner 35
• Important: This is not an original Garmin product and does not include the Garmin watch.

What do you get?

1x Garmin TPU silicone protective case
1x Garmin tempered glass screen protector


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Additional information

Weight 0.004 kg
Dimensions 10.6 × 8 × 0.1 cm


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