KD Polar Grit X Watch replacement tempered glass screen protector film

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm
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Risk-Free Security.

Stress is never cool…

There’s a way to keep your Polar watch safe throughout the day. And it’s easier than ever. This tempered glass screen protector is the no-fail accessory for around-the-clock protection.

It covers your screen and keeps it clean from dirt, grease, scuffs, and scratches. A complete shield against accidental damage and gradual ruin.

Dependable Material.

Tempered glass is a thin, strong, buffer against impacts. This practical screen protector has a longer tempering time, making it more durable.

Thanks to a 5-layer coating, it has 99.9% transparency for the clearest display and maximum security. It’s lightweight and reliable, perfect for any sports, hobbies, and commutes.

When you’re out and about, don’t let worry take over the fun and focus.

Step-By-Step Installation.

As an exact fit for your Polar Grit X – it’s quick to attach.
1) Wipe the screen first with a clean cloth to remove any dust and debris.
2) Judge the correct placement before you remove the sticker.
3) Remove the adhesive sticker and place it gently on the screen.
4) Press down lightly around each side, making sure it’s stuck down.

Please note: This product is not reusable. Aim for precise first placement.

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Colour: Clear
Material: Tempered glass
Compatibility: Polar Grit X
(Does not include Polar watch – this is not an original Polar product)

What have you got?

1x Polar tempered glass screen protector.

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Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm


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