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Do you want to make perfectly rectangular shaped treats when you next bake? Baking those delicious treats with symmetry takes time and effort.

Imagine you could create your own cheesecake, granola, cereal, energy bars with ease, for your enjoyment when you wanted them…

Wouldn’t life be great?

With This Incredible Silicone Baking Mould For Snack-Bar Making. It’s so easy…

  • They’re made with food-grade silicone. BPA free
  • Suitable for use in your freezer, fridge, or your over and microwave (Extreme heat & cold resistant)
  • Flexible, non-stick, and can be used repeatably
  • Easy to clean (dishwasher friendly)
  • 8 rectangle spaces for 8 delicious treats at a time (Bring it on)

Tips For Use:

  • The silicone baking mould is very flexible, please place under a pan or tray for added stability
  • Clean the mould before you use it
  • Don’t let the mould touch the flame or get to close to the heat source (oven heating tubes). Keep a safe distance of at least 5 cm
  • After the baking is finished, let the silicone mould stand to cool for 10 minutes. It’s released easier and the delights come out better
  • Turn the mould over and use a detergent in the dishwasher or clean it with hot water and a sponge
  • Don’t use hard cleaning tools on the silicone baking mould

We know you’re going to love the new shapes and creativity you can add to your baking, that special ingredient you’re looking for…

Place your orders and add them to the quality collection of bakers tools. 


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