KD NAVSTAR Monocular Phone Mount Telescope


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This Navstar phone mount telescope is a high-tech accessory that simply attaches to improve the view on your phone.

It’s for when you’re hiking, rafting, or simply just taking in the scenes. There’s potential to see some awesome things and capture some incredible photos.

Unfortunately for you, however, you don’t have a powerful camera to zoom and catch the far-away action, and your eyesight isn’t what it was…

No Missing Out Any Longer With Your Attachable Navstar Phone Mount Telescope.

  • Increase your view so much further with the 12 x magnification power of the phone mount telescope
  • 50mm objective wide lens, great for capturing all the moments – those epic hikes in the wildlife, or even a tight sports event
  • BAK-4 Prism and FMC greenfilm allow for excellent tint reducing power, light transmissions are higher and it gains brightness fast. These combine to make your view brighter, wider, clearer, and more enjoyable
  • Combined with your phone, the monocular means you can record and shoot so much further with your phone’s camera. So you don’t strain your eyes
  • Anti-slip adapter keeps your phone in an ultra-safe position. The tripod also helps to reduce shake and create handsfree viewing opportunities
  • Highly durable rubber casing that’s waterproof and dustproof



– Type: 12×50 telephone lens
– Objective lens Diameter? ?50mm
– Magnification? 12X
– Lens weight? 270g
– Lens Size? 152mm X 63 mm X54mm
– Material: glass optical lenses
– rubber shell
– ABS clip
– Optical glass lenses, coated with multilayer antireflection film, BAK4
– Prism, FMC multilayer broadband green film

What’s included?
2 x cap
1 x colour box
1 x black tripod
1 x pouch
1 x Wiping cloth
1 x safety rope

You’re guaranteed to love the zoom upgrade you have with this useful phone telescope mount.

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Additional information

Weight 444 g
Dimensions 9 × 16.8 × 6.8 cm





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