KD alternative silicone rings set – (x5) Size: USA 12 RSA Y


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Risk-Free Alternatives.

Are you worried about wearing your expensive rings?

Perhaps your daily occupation imposes certain threats with a conductive metal. Or you’re too concerned about them being lost or stolen. These are all important issues to consider…

These silicone alternatives are the practical way to fill the finger space. To show your commitment to your loved one or simply for your unstoppable style.

Comfortable Material.

Don’t risk things with costly gold, silver, or metal ring during your daily endeavours. Whether it’s travel, work, or sport. This soft silicone has a smooth texture that provides peace of mind and always feels great. Avoiding threats where they are.

This durable material is perfect for its purpose. Silicone is shockproof, flexible, and strong. The synthetic is completely safe in all conditions and climates and doesn’t lose shape.

Popular Style.

These affordable alternatives are better for physical labourers, police officers, firefighters, health workers, and athletes, to name a few. There are a vast number of different careers and hobbies that require inexpensive and less risky options.

Silicone is a sleek style that completes your trendy hand fashion. This remarkable set includes several unique colours to switch around as you prefer.

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Colour: Silver, gold, green, blue, grey
Material: Silicone
Size: USA 12/RSA Y (refer to the sizing guide in images)

What have you got?

5x Alternative silicone rings


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Weight 0.008 g
Dimensions 10.5 × 8 × 0.8 cm





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