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4 Benefits of Partnering with Reputable Dropshipping Suppliers in South Africa like KillerDeals

Dropshipping is a popular e-commerce business approach in the modern world. It’s essentially a supply chain management model whereby sellers do not have to physically house or store the items they sell. Within the dropshipping landscape, retailers are the middleman between suppliers and consumers. They advertise the products via their retail website and transfer the client order information directly to the supplier. The supplier then dispatches the orders directly from their warehouse to the client, and the retailer earns a generous commission.

The model is a win-win for all, allowing suppliers to broaden their customer base and market more products and permitting retailers to sell products at a profit without worrying about storage or warehouse rental. Here are four benefits retailers can enjoy when working with renowned dropshipping suppliers in South Africa and beyond.



  1. Low entry barrier

Unlike conventional business models where retailers have to rent premises, pay deposits upfront, and hire staff, dropshipping offers a “low barrier to entry.” Retailers simply need to set up their website, pay the hosting fees, and find a trustworthy supplier like KillerDeals. This means that anyone can start dropshipping without any hassle, hefty upfront payment, or stress.


  1. Easily scalable

Another core benefit of this model is the fact that it can be restructured as needed. Since dropshipping stores are digital and no inventory is required, sellers can scale back or up their sales as needed without having to worry about increasing or decreasing warehouse space or purchasing products upfront. If a particular product isn’t selling well, dropshippers can easily change up their offerings.


  1. Minimal hassle and risk

The dropshipping model has minimal risk, especially when working with trusty dropshipping suppliers in South Africa. The business can be started for next to nothing (bar website domain and hosting fees), meaning that there isn’t a great deal of risk involved or a huge lump sum of monetary capital to be paid upfront.


  1. Fantastic deals around

Dropshipping opens you up to the world of dynamic product offerings. We stock an abundance of quality items from various categories, including computer and cellular, apparel, health and beauty, jewellery, outdoor and sports, home and garden, and so much more. We also frequently run exciting promotions, meaning that you can find top-notch items for even better prices. You can enjoy a huge array of items when you work with a quality dropshipping supplier in South Africa like KillerDeals.


Sell with KillerDeals: Save Time and Make More Money!


If you want to explore why dropshipping has become such a popular phenomenon, why not sign up for yourself and become an affiliate? Our easy and straightforward selling model allows you to sell for the peace and comfort of your own home without having to worry about keeping stock. Simply sign up to become a dropshipping supplier. Once you launch your website, you can happily start earning. Dropshippers will enjoy a generous 20% discount on all products, allowing them ample space to make a profit. Wholesalers will get a further 10% on top of that, meaning that they’ll enjoy 30% off our products with the reseller discount. We thus have options for both dropshippers without their own premises and wholesalers.


For more information on our epic savings on quality products or to inquire about the multiple perks of choosing reputable dropshipping suppliers in South Africa, send us a message or give us a call at +27 (0) 31312 6785. We supply the latest health, home, outdoor and electronics from many global brands. We look forward to working with you and helping you launch a successful e-commerce store.