5 Reasons to Workout at Home with Your Own Equipment.


It’s a well-known fact that gyms around the world make their most money in January…

Everyone has new-year goals that they’re going to achieve. This is the year you get fit, strong, and healthy. This is the year you change your life for the better!

Then February comes along…

And with it, disappointment, and broken promises. The weight of the world is too much to bear, and you couldn’t summon the time or energy to fulfil your commitments. Yet your gym’s sign-up fees and debit orders don’t seem to understand that issue, and your money keeps floating away each month!

Firstly, stop beating yourself up. You’re not alone. It’s tricky to stay motivated and get to the gym with everything going on around you.

Dependable home equipment makes the most sense for a whole host of reasons. Not only if you want to save yourself the financial cost and never-ending self-scrutiny.

Let’s examine them:

Reason #1

You’re tired of hearing about it. You wish it would go away. But the first reason is Covid.

If you want the greatest chance of avoiding infection, the gym is a place to stay away from. Sharing equipment with random strangers (who may not care too much for hygiene, sanitisation, rules, and regulations) is gross.

All that sweating everywhere and leaving greasy, oily equipment for you to use. Yay…

Sounds delightful, right?

Reason #2

Money, honey.

Why waste your hard-earned moola on something you’ll regret?

Of course, at first, your intentions are solid. But let’s not fool ourselves. Between the millions of other things on your to-do list, sudden responsibilities that come out of friggen nowhere, and the soaring cost of petrol – it’s slightly naïve to think you’ll be there each day. No matter what.

Before long, you’re driving straight past the gym, asking yourself why life is such a rollercoaster ride, watching your money disappear from your bank account, regardless.

Reason #3

With home equipment, you can move at your own pace, in your own time.

Life feels like a persistent rush these days. With an incredibly busy schedule, time is (and always will be) the most valuable resource you have.

There’s nothing worse than going to the gym and feeling like fourteen people are waiting in a line for you to finish with the machine or the dumbbells. So, what do you do? You blitz through them, without even giving an effort. Or you outright ignore those exercises and let other people go on ahead.

Reason #4

In your home, you have complete privacy. With your own space, pace, and time.

Especially if you’re an unfortunate soul who suffers from anxiety – specifically social anxiety. Most of us are trying to physically improve ourselves, but the mental side is tougher to get under control.

Beady eyes and one sneering comment can ruin your whole experience. Unfortunately, in a world where everyone compares themselves to one another, judgment has commonplace because of people’s insecurity. Plus, a lot of people treat the gym like a fashion show…

At home, you’ll feel much calmer, eager to exercise in a safer environment, without feeling like you need to impress anyone.

Reason #5

When you have the resources to get in shape from home, chances are you’ll finally stick to your routine. It’s easy to understand why you’ll be more prepared to put in the effort when you can and when you want to, without worrying about anyone else.

Here are some extra tips for developing a reliable routine:

1) Pick the days, time, and place you will exercise but be slightly flexible with them – shit happens! 30-45 min a day, three times a week is excellent.
2) Understand that it will be hard at the beginning. Don’t give up!
3) Invite a family member or friend over to join you. Having an accountability partner goes a long way with commitment.
4) Don’t be critical of yourself, getting up and going is half the battle won. Everyone misses a day (or week) here and there. It’s about the comeback and your attitude.
5) Mix it up, switch exercises and muscle groups, and keep it fun!
6) Staying consistent is the key. Realistically, you will not reach your goal in one session (as much as we’d like to).
7) Pat yourself on the back! Track your work and goals and recognise your accomplishments with a fitness journal or a user-friendly app that connects to your phone or smartwatch.

Within no time, you’ll fall in love with the way you feel after you’ve put in the sweat.

Soon, you’ll feel great; your mood and sleep will improve, and stress levels will decrease because you’re boosting natural hormone regulation. Not to mention, your body will begin to change, you’ll notice the difference in your strength and endurance!

Consistently make the time for yourself, rather than squeezing it in or ignoring it as a mundane, boring task. Soon, you’ll become addicted to the progress and journey and finally stay on track.

Just whatever you do, stop looking back, you’re not going that way…

You’ve got this!

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