How to Create a Healthier Life by Spending Time in Nature.


Using Outdoor Products to enhance a healthier lifestyle

As much as you hate to admit it, the secrets to healing and happiness are not really rocket science…

There are certain essential elements you must include in your lifestyle to reap the endless rewards of what your remarkable human body has to offer in life.

What Are These Things?

• Clean drinking water.
• A healthy organic diet.
• Sweaty pulse-raising exercise.
• And last, but certainly not least, (and almost always overlooked) simply going outside.

Spending time surrounded by the Earth and Sun’s beauty and life-giving energy and resources. Interacting with it on a sensory level. Contemplating its mystery and splendour.

Think about it for a second, your ancestors evolved for thousands of years in the wilderness. Completely appreciating, experiencing, and living in the present moment, hunting, gathering, and outrunning hungry tigers…

Real-world interaction is crucial for a mental and physical health boost because it’s inherent in your DNA.

So, Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Squinting at a digital screen all day, bombarded by messages and phone calls, thousands of sales pitches, tight deadlines – these things are new to us when you consider the timeline of human evolution. Our tired, overworked brains can’t always cope.

You need to take it back to where it all began – into the great, natural outdoors – if you want any hope for a better tomorrow for yourself and your family.

Countless studies, like 7 Benefits of Spending Time in Nature (Student Wellness Centre, 2022), show that being in natural environments has colossal positive impacts on mental (and therefore physical) health. It drastically reduces stress levels, blood pressure, can improve your sleep, creativity, focus, the list goes on!

There’s just something about the fresh breeze, relaxing sounds, and ground beneath your feet that makes your mind leap for joy. Enhancing your overall happiness.

Plus, sunshine on your skin is 100% free, and always will be!

How Can You Regain that Healthier Balance?

Go to the beach. Swim. Go on that long-put-off camping trip. Take a fun hike. Try and catch a fish. Get your hands dirty. Dig a hole and plant a seed. These things are a gentle push in the right direction.

Now, we’re not saying go full Bear Grylls and try peak Everest in one day. Free swim with sharks. Or survive by eating raw critters, sleeping in decaying carcases, and drinking your pee. Never endanger yourself or push your limits without the proper care and attention.

If these are too much, going outside for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day and being mindful is enough. Breathe. Take it all in. Admire the tall, shady trees and the diverse species of soaring birds and weird bugs.

We have tons of products that can help you on unforgettable adventures and get you and your family through in the safest, most comfortable manner. Whether it’s camping, hiking, fishing, road trips to exciting destinations, or just being outside, you’re covered with whatever you’ll need to do so.

Overall, you can unlock mental well-being and have a happier life without burdensome limitations. Just go outside and enjoy…

But don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!


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